About ERM Venture

What is ERM Venture?

ERM Venture (Enterprise Risk Management) is a software which enables computer support to the users in all phases of risk management processes.

The main characteristics of ERM Venture software  are:

  • Simple customization to users’ requirements – user could define her/his own rules, model and variables she/he wants to use
  • User defines aspects for risk monitoring, control and number  of criteria she/he’ll have per each aspect and variable
  • Automatically generated matrix of probability and impact for every aspect on the base of risk tolerance, which is defined by user
  • Multilingual
  • Registration of events
  • History and traceability of risk assessment
  • Streaming
  • Dashboard

ERM Venture software can be used as a web service (Software as a Service) or as a product, implemented in its own environment Software was built on the basis of MRA methodology.

MRA methodology is the way in which organizations analyze, evaluate, rank, treat, monitor and control the risks from all threats, sources of threats,  from every aspect, with the purpose to increase stability of the company and their stakeholders. MRA methodology can be applied on projects, business processes, health and safety or on critical infrastructures

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Unlimited and Enterprise Edition

“Unlimited package” has no limits regarding a number of projects and users. For further details contact us on our eMail: info@erm-venture.com

“Enterprise Edition” also has no limits regarding a number of projects and users. Unlike the others, it can be installed and implemented in user’s environment.Learn all about the benefits of this package and contact us on our eMail adress: info@erm-venture.com

Unlimited Enterprise